Legislative Awareness and Advocacy

Zonta's legislative activities are focused on the following areas:

  • Promoting best practices in dealing with victims of sexual assault in the community.
    • Advocating for local law enforcement to implement trauma informed response to sexual assault and to participate in the community's Sexual Assault Response Team.
    • Monitoring the implementation of legislation regarding the processing of Sexual Assault Evidence Kits.
  • Conducting anti-trafficking awareness campaign.
    • Distributing “sticky notes” with national human trafficking hotline number in English and Spanish
    • Providing educational programs for Zonta Club members and the community through training and awareness activities
    • Supporting human trafficking survivors who are identified  to the club as needing assistance.

Project Chair: TBD


Zonta Club of Tallahassee Resolution Regarding the Processing of Sexual Offense Examination Kits: Sexual Assault Kit Resolution ZCT_Final.pdf

Workplace - Commitment Form.pdf                                               Model Policy Template.pdf

Please contact Robin H. Thompson, J.D., M.A. at robinhthompson@comcast.net for more information about a workplace policy.



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